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Breyer Model Horse – 712187 Primrose – G1 QH Mare Appaloosa – Stablemate Club SR


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Breyer # 712187 Primrose

Mold:  G1 Quarter Horse Mare

Scale:  Stablemates 1:32

Color:  Grullo Blanket Appaloosa

Year:  2016 Stablemates Collector’s Club Special Run

Condition:  New With Packaging

For sale is Stablemate Scale Breyer #712187 Primrose. This model is the G1 Quarter Horse Mare mold as a very nicely detailed grullo blanket appaloosa. This model was released as the first model of the Stablemates Collector’s Club in 2016. It is the first time Breyer has released a new model on this mold since 1988. I have inspected Primrose for major flaws but I will not guarantee a LSQ horse. All of my Primroses (and all that I have seen) have lost the plastic detailing on the downside of her muzzle and this shows as a divot. This is due to deterioration in Breyer’s mold. The flaw is near invisible when she is standing. The muzzle also shows general loss of mold detailing. They all have leg barring. She comes complete with her blue silk bag. Primrose will ship in her original wrapping. Please note that I have multiples of Primroses and you may not receive the exact horse pictured. You will receive a new with packaging Breyer #712187 Primrose.


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