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Breyer Custom Falcon 9 by Melanie Miller


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Breyer Custom Falcon Nine by Melanie Miller

Mold :  Geronimo by Melanie Miller of Chinook Studios

Scale :  Traditional  1:9

Color :  Dun

Year : 2016

Condition :  Near Excellent

For sale is a Traditional Scale Breyer Custom Falcon Nine by Melanie Miller of Chinook Studios. This horse started life as the Geronimo mold which has many newly sculpted details. He has a new mouth and nose, fuzzy ears and hairy pasterns, modified hooves and the most beautiful windblown mane and tail. Here is what Melanie had to say about Falcon Nine:

This is “Falcon 9”, a red dun custom on Breyer’s brand new Geronimo mold. He has a new mouth and nose, fuzzy ears, new windblown mane and tail, resculpted pasterns with feathers, new hooves, and stallion parts. His coat has some strong dun factors, and some more subtle features as well; his ears are rimmed and he has dark mask on his nasal bone, he has a bold dorsal stripe and a very faint transverse wither stripe, he has lots of leg barring and a light zipper up the backs of his cannons, and his mane and tail are frosted. His individually hair ticked brand tells us that his “birth” year is 2016 and he is from Oregon. I used Kiger references to paint him, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be a Kiger Mustang. Falcon 9 has all the details my work is known for including hooves with growth rings, shaded chestnuts, and lifelike eyes.

Falcon Nine is brand new and ready to take the show ring by storm. He has an imperfect paint touchup on his left shoulder which Melanie is willing to repair. I do feel that he could be shown in the mean time. This is a top LSQ horse by an artist who’s work is hard to find.

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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