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Artist Resin Orinocco by Sarah Minkiewicz


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Artist Resin Orinocco by Sarah Minkiewicz


Offered at Best Offer is a Traditional Scale Artist Resin Orinocco by Sarah Minkiewicz. This incredibly rare resin was limited to just 27 pieces and was only offered to a select few of Sarah’s customers. The original Orinocco was a custom made from the Breyer Touch of Class and this artist resin was cast from the Breyer Custom. He is a large Traditional Scale Arabian Resin. Orinocco is unpainted and unprepped. He is in the exact same condition as he was received from Sarah in. He will need prep work before painting but any significant imperfections were already filled with epoxy by Sarah.

The price is not $10,000 and was only set to make this listing visible. Offers will be accepted by email submitted to aidanstoytrove@gmail.com (please do not use the message submission form on the website as these messages are not time stamped). Offers will close on Sunday, June 16th at 6:00pm PST. Anyone who has submitted an offer before this deadline will be allowed to continue submitting offers until a period of 30 minutes has passed in which no additional offers have been made. No trades will be accepted. Payments for 90 days will be considered but preference may be given to payment in full. Shipping will be calculated based on the buyer’s location. International shipping is available via Priority Mail only and the package will be declared for the full value. Free pickup is available at BreyerFest.

I will do my best to keep this listing and the ad on MHSP up to date. I will send an email if your offer has been directly outbid.

Link to MHSP Listing


  • 3500 (6/9 TP) CB
  • 3100 (6/11 PIF) AA
  • 3750 (6/12 TP) BW
  • 3200 (6/12 PIF) PM
  • 3850 (6/13 TP) CB
  • 4000 (6/14 PIF) PH
  • 4200 (6/14 TP) CB
  • 4200 (6/14 PIF) MJ
  • 4500 (6/16 PIF) PM
  • 4600 (6/16 PIF) MJ
  • 4700 (6/16 PIF) PH
  • 4800 (6/16 PIF) MJ
  • 5000 (6/16 PIF) PH
  • 5100 (6/16 PIF) MJ
  • 5400 (6/16 PIF) PH


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