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Happy Halloween 2016!

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Aidan’s Toy Trove! That includes from both the 2 and the 4 legged critters =) It has been raining here for weeks. We are hoping for a brief break in the rain tonight to slip out and Aidan out Trick or Treating.

If you haven’t seen our Instagram account, we are @aidanstoytrove. For those of you that prefer not to use the Instagram App, here is a direct link to our account:


aidanpumpkinpatch-a-3Halloween 2016As we have been doing for several years, we went to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out our pumpkins. The rain was so bad this year that the owner of the Pumpkin Patch said they lost a lot of pumpkins and had a much lower turn out rate than normal. As we are a small home business, much like the Pumpkin Patch, this saddened me.





Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016Halloween 2016

Aidan built a Minecraft Creeper decoration this year.

He used the left over cardboard remnants from the boxes that were used to receive and pack Breyer horses this month.






Halloween 2016Halloween 2016Hubby dressed up as an Star Wars Star Trooper and Aidan dressed up as a Death Trooper. I dressed up as Rey but I managed to evade getting my picture taken.

There is a plus side to being behind the camera, hehe!






That’s it for now. We have some more Halloween preparations to do still and I best get busy.

Have a wonderful and SAFE Halloween everyone!

Breyer Crane 712203

This is a picture of my personal copy of Crane Glowing In The Dark 🙂

Breyer Crane 712203 – 2016 Halloween Special Run – Glow In The Dark Black Appaloosa








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