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Happy Columbus Day! Aidan’s Horseback Riding Lesson

Happy Columbus Day everyone! For those of you that perhaps didn’t notice, there is a Buy One and Get One 15% Off Sale running until 23:59PST today, Monday October 10th, 2016 in our eBay Store. What I didn’t realize is that there was no mail today. Yikes! I went to schedule a pickup last night and SURPRISE, there was no pickup to be had. Dang it! I was looking forward to getting the weekend’s sales out of the house. Rest assured, everything that was paid for over the weekend (or if you purchase something today) will be in the mail on Tuesday.

Aidan's First Horseback Riding Lesson


On a real horse note, Aidan had his first horseback riding lesson a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was his second lesson. He worked on balancing with no stirrups or reins at the trot and did a great job! I missed seeing most of it as I was giving Baya a bath. Baya had just come back from a 5 mile trail ride with her lessee and had worked up quite a sweat. When I brought her back to her paddock, she rolled immediately. The dirt has a bit of a reddish tinge to it, I don’t think she will ever be white again! In this picture, Baya and Misa seem to be debating about how best to fit Aidan’s helmet into their mouths. If it’s green, it’s gotta be edible!

Baya & Misa In The Paddock






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