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The 2016 Collector’s Club Breyer Abdul Is Ready To Order!

Breyer 712180 Abdul

Goodness has Breyer been busy! Rarely do they release 2 models at the same time. It seems likeBreyer 712180 Abdul combined shipping always finds a way to evade me! But today is a good day! The Collector’s Club Abdul is available for preorder as is the Stablemate Club model Shiloh!

Abdul is the popular Ashquar mold sculpted by the talented Brigitte Eberl. He is a pretty chestnut pinto. Abdul was available to 2016 Breyer Collector’s Club Members. A $20 deposit was due at the time of the preorder. His price was the $20 deposit + $65 due now + $10.95 shipping for a grand total of $75.95. His purchase price also required a yearly membership  for the Collector’s Club which cost $25. So $100.95 if you count the membership price. Here is Breyer’s description of Abdul:

Breyer 712180 AbdulExclusively limited to 2016 Breyer Collectors Club Members! With a hot blooded strikingBreyer 712180 Abdul pose and flowing mane and tail, Abdul’s Arabian heritage is evident. Combined with his rich body color and elaborate pinto markings, Abdul is not one to be missed! Each piece features 2016 Collectors Club on the belly.

Pre-Orders must have been placed by 11:59pm EST 2/16/16. Abdul is $65 + S&H. Non-refundable deposit of $20 was due at time of pre-order.



I presold 2 of my Abduls but I do still have some available. I can have him shipped directly from Breyer if he is ordered soon enough. The price includes free domestic postage. International postage is $15 additional.

Breyer 712180 Abdul For Sale

Breyer 712180 Abdul






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