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BreyerWest 2017 Part I

BreyerWest 2017 Part I

BreyerWest 2017 Boothe Setup

BreyerWest 2017 is now in full swing. We had a rather rough start to the trip. We had a hard time cramming everything into the trailer. We hit the road around 8:30am on Thursday. Less than a half mile into the trip we heard a large BANG and SCREEEEEEECH coming from the cargo trailer. It sounded like a tire had blown. Luckily, we were in a spot that we could easily pull over at. It ended up being the tow stand. We forgot to put the locking pin in place, phew!

We drove the trailer for the very first time on Highway 199 which is a very narrow windy road which drops off a cliff into the Smith River. Driving parts of that road can be rather nail biting. Once we hit Interstate 5 it was clear sailing. We stopped for a quick lunch in Roseburg and arrived at the Linn County Fairgrounds around 2:30pm. I quickly ran into the Expo to meet my new friend, Elayne Watrus who is vending beside us. That was quite exciting but then the real work began.

In order to fit all of our model horse inventory inside of the trailer, the shelves had to be assembled inside of it. This meant that we had to pull ALL the inventory off the shelves before we could unload the shelves from the trailer and begin setting up our booth. We checked the weather and it was supposed to start raining at 6pm and I kept checking the time. Moving the shelves inside the Expo and tweaking them was quite the chore. Then the banner refused to connect where we wanted it. We were finally starting to load inventory onto the shelves when it proceeded to dump rain outside, right on top of all of the inventory that we had just dragged to the side of the trailer in order to unload the shelves. We all darted outside to drag the inventory back into the trailer but the boxes still got pretty wet and we were positively drenched.

We worked on the booth until 11pm on Thursday evening. We were the last people in the building and still had setting up to do in the morning. Exhausted, we dragged ourselves to the car and unhitched the trailer, or rather TRIED to unhitch the trailer. It seemed to be stuck on the tow ball. We eventually got it off after a lot of prying and fiddling and even a few choice words. Even more frustrating, the trailer is not hitching correctly now but is a problem that we will have to solve before we leave on Sunday.

We opted to stay in a hotel in Salem as it was considerably cheaper than staying close to the Fairgrounds. We drove to the hotel and checked in. We had FOUR big boxes waiting for us when we arrived. 3 were full of Copperfox Horses and one had some customs that were being returned after having been repaired. We filled up a hotel cart with all the boxes and our laptops and lugged our suitcases behind us as the cart was completely full. We went up to the fourth floor where our room was. When we opened the door to our room, SURPRISE, the bed was unmade and there were empty bottles on the counter. We trooped on back down to the front desk to request a new room. The second room worked out just fine but gosh we were all so grumpy! We hadn’t eaten in 12 hours and the only open food place we could find was Dennys but hey, it was food!

We finished eating and went back to the hotel where I dove into the contents of the Copperfox boxes. Hubby typed away at some pricing sheets for our sales booth. When we were finished (or finished enough to finish in the morning, LOL) it was creeping up on 3am. Our alarm was set for 7am. I had a hard time getting out of bed but we arrived back and the Horse Fair and Expo center right around setup time at 8am. I helped finish what I could in the booth until 9am when I needed to switch over to BreyerWest show mode. Last year, the BreyerWest Open Show ended fairly early and we scheduled the Copperfox Horses to go on sale at 3pm. I was hoping that this would give everyone a chance to take a good look at the horses and that the show would be nearing the end around 3pm. WRONG. The show ran until closer to 6pm. My hubby, the trooper that he is, dealt with a whole MOB of people wanting to purchase Copperfox horses. We were happily able to rehome 10 of the horses and ponies on Friday. We will have more horses available on Saturday and hopefully some on Sunday as well.

I’ll try to write a bit more about the BreyerWest Open show tomorrow and I will take some more pictures tomorrow too. Goodnight everyone!

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