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BreyerWest 2017 Part 1 + 2 + 3 + YouTube Videos

BreyerWest 2017 Part 1, 2 & 3 + YouTube Videos

BreyerWest 2017 Aidan's Toy Trove Sales Booth


I have been working on writing a BreyerWest 2017 Part 4. However, it still takes me quite a bit of time to get the formatting to look right on the website and the backend of the website is still crawling along at a snail’s pace. If you haven’t heard already, we are in the middle of a migration to a new website server. The website migration started 3 days ago and is due to finish any day now. We are waiting for the magical email that will tell us the migration is complete so we can flip the switch so to speak and make the website live on the new server. Our current server has caused us a lot of downtime, frustration and excessive page load times. We are crossing our fingers that the new server will remedy these problems. If it doesn’t, we have a backup plan in place!

What the ongoing server migration also means is that, new blog posts and new products will likely be lost and will have to be manually redone when the website is live on the new server. We have A LOT of news to share and new products to list but we’re waiting on the new website server to save ourselves a lot of redundant work.

I realized that our BreyerWest blog posts are a bit spread out and that a lot of the BreyerWest Videos haven’t been shared here on the website. So today’s blog post will be short and sweet. I am providing some easy to click links to everything BreyerWest that has been shared by us so far. There is more BreyerWest content coming (hint, there are YouTube Videos set to go live every day this week!) but here is what we have shared so far:

Crescent City Front Street Park Beach

Have a great week everyone! It’s cold and windy here but it is sunny. Spring is in the air!



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