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BreyerFest Chiquita – The Mercado Store Plushy

BreyerFest Chiquita

Breyer posted the BreyerFest 2016 Plushy on their BreyerFest Blog. Her name is Chiquita. The BreyerFest Chiquita she will be available in the Breyer Mercado Store aka the Popup Tent. She will be limited to 750 pieces and will be numbered on the bottom of one hoof. I unfortunately will not have any of these adorable plushies for presale. Here is what Breyer has to say about Chiquita:BreyerFest Chicquita

BreyerFest ChiquitaMeet Chiquita!

BreyerFest is getting closer and closer! Here’s a quick peek at another Breyer Mercado item; the fan favorite plush!!

Chiquita is fun, soft and cuddly all in one and this “little girl” is ready to samba! Dressed in full samba attire, this plush horse is the perfect souvenir of BreyerFest Carnival.

Chiquita and all of our other Breyer Mercado items are available all weekend long. And don’t forget we have even more Breyer Mercado products still to be revealed. Keep checking the blog!


The BreyerFest 2015 plushy was Frenchie. I do have a couple of BreyerFest Frenchie Plushies available for sale.

BreyerFest Frenchie



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