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BreyerFest 2017 Sneak Peek May 8th

BreyerFest 2017 Sneak Peek May 8th

BreyerFest 2017 May Sneak Peek

Breyer posted another Sneak Peek today. It almost slipped right by me! At first, I thought it was an error as it was dated May 8th. I assumed that it was a repost of Rangoli the BreyerFest 2017 Sunday Raffle model. And then as I looked closer, I noticed that it most definitely not Rangoli (pictured below.)

BreyerFest Rangoli

However, the legs look very similar to me and reminds me a lot of Rangoli so my best guess is the True North mold. What mold do you think the sneak peek is of? Speaking of True North, he is due for release this month, May. Premier Club members get ready for the first horse of 2017!

Breyer 2017 Premier Club

As far as I know, all of the ‘regular’ BreyerFest 2017 horses have been revealed with the exception of the surprise horse who won’t be revealed prior to the event. This sneak peek must be a prize or raffle model of some sort. Whatever it is, I’m excited to see the rest of the horse! Stay tuned to see what horse this sneak peek turns out to be!

Here is what Breyer had to say about May 8th’s Sneak Peek on the BreyerFest 2017 Blog:

Let’s kick off another week with another sneak peek!
We’ll give you a couple of days to see if you can work out who this next model is.
Bonus points if you can work out what the model is for!




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