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Breyer Rialto New Web Special Run Appaloosa Totilas

Breyer Rialto New Web Special Run Appaloosa Totilas

Breyer Rialto 721153

Meet Rialto, the most recent Breyer Web Special Run. He is product number 712253 and is the seventh release in the America the Beautiful Series. Breyer made a comment on their Instagram account regarding watching their account after the lightning fast sell out time of Koh-i-Noor. I can’t help but wonder if Rialto was the surprise horse that Breyer was referring too. Like Koh-i-Noor, Realto is on the Totilas mold and has a glossy finish. I was just thinking last week how we need a new regular run on the Totilas mold but a Web Special Run will suffice! I missed out on Koh-i-Noor and I am hoping that I am drawn for Rialto. Rialto is the Totilas mold in a gorgeous glossy black leopard appaloosa with pinking and mottling. He is limited to 350 pieces. I’m sure that he comes with the dreaded clear plastic disc for a stand but I have an extra resin stand for Totilas just waiting (fingers crossed) for a Rialto to make use of 🙂

Breyer Rialto 721153

Make sure that you are logged into your Breyer Collector’s Club account and click this link to see Rialto’s page. Here is what Breyer has to say about Rialto.

The Seventh Release in the America the Beautiful Series

In 2018, Breyer’s America the Beautiful Series celebrates special places of beauty and wonder – our National Parks & Forests! From deep, dry canyons to soaring snowcapped mountains, to rolling hills and plunging waterfalls, these beautiful horses honor our country’s diverse landscape. Varied like our nation’s scenery, the horses in this series will delight your imagination and encourage you to explore!

The third release in the 2018 series draws its inspiration from Washington’s Olympic National Park. The park covers almost a million acres, and includes coastline, mountains, and rain forests. The ocean meets the coastal forest at Rialto Beach. Views are punctuated by the incredible sea stacks, which are large rocky formations that jut out of the water near the shore. Worn down by the waves and wind, they stand silent watch over the coast.

Rialto’s unique glossy leopard Appaloosa coat is a tribute to Rialto Beach. The beach is covered with round black basalt rocks, similar to Rialto’s leopard spotting! Rialto comes with a clear base, and his belly is marked with “Rialto 2018.”

Your Price: $175.00
Limited Edition: 350 Pieces

Current Collector’s Club Members may enter for the chance to purchase Rialto once per day through May 21st. Winner’s will be notified by 5pm EST on May 22nd. The price to purchase Rialto direct from Breyer is $175 plus shipping. I assume that shipping will be $17.50 but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Starlet only cost $14.50 to ship.


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