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Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia Product Review & Video

Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia Review


Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia 712162

On December 13’th, Breyer offered a Collector’s Club Appreciation Glossy Cosette model. Shortly after this promotion, Breyer offered a ‘free’ promotional Glossy Julien and Sophia OR a Glossy Cosette.


I am happy to report that I received the Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia set that I wanted as I had already received the Breyer Glossy Cosette with Breyer’s first promotion.

If you would like to learn more about last year’s promotion or about the Glossy Cosette promotion, I linked my original blog post here.

Breyer Julien and Sophia 712162

Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia 712162Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia 712162Last year, I ordered a number of matte Breyer Julien and Sophia sets (the matte set is pictured above, the glossy set is on the left and right). I was sad to find that the majority had major factory flaws. The sets that I did keep still had flaws but not as extensive as those that I returned. Some of the factory flaws included goobers and lint in the finish and shiny scratch marks from where the metal masking was.

The Glossy Julien and Sophia sets were glossed by Breyer at their New Jersey factory from their overstock of the matte Breyer 712162 Julien and Sophia set. As such, the glossed version also has these same factory flaws. Happily. the shiny scratch marks that were seen so often on the matte version, were glossed over and cannot be seen. On the down side, the gloss job itself has a bit of texture to it.

You can also see our video review of the Breyer Glossy Julien and Sophia on our Aidan’s Toy Trove YouTube Channel. Please Like and Subscribe to support us in making future Breyer videos. We are open to new video ideas and ways to improve our videos. Thank you everyone!

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