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Breyer Julien and Sophia 712162 – Classic Arabian Stallion & Classic Arabian Foal – Tobiano Pinto


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Breyer Julien and Sophia 712162

Mold :  Classic Arabian Stallion & Classic Arabian Foal

Scale :  Classic  1:12

Color :  Bay Tobiano Pinto

Year :  2015 Collector’s Club Web Special Run

Condition :  New In Box

For sale is a Classic Scale NIB Breyer Julien and Sophia 712162 set.  They are the Classic Arabian Stallion and Classic Arabian Foal in beautiful bay tobiano pintos. They are the Hagen Renaker molds that were sculpted by Maureen Love which have not been available for recent use by Breyer. Perhaps there are more Classic Arabians to come?? The finishwork was designed by Tom Bainbridge and Breyer did a great job replicating his style. Julien and Sophia are is in hand and ready to ship. They are in factory mint condition and come with the original hangtag. When I received my shipment from Breyer, all of the sets had factory flaws. I returned the worst of them but the ones I kept all had flaws in the paint like lint, goobers, overspray or shiny marks. Do not expect LSQ horses as the quality control on these horses was below average. I was very disappointed as this set is just beautiful! Please note that I have multiples of this set and you may not receive the exact models pictured. You will receive a brand new, freshly opened Breyer Julien and Sophia 712162 with the original wrapping. The shipping carton will have a shipping label and wear.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 6 in

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