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Breyer Eldora and Sol – Decorator Cow & Calf

Breyer Eldora and Sol – Decorator Cow & Calf

Breyer Eldora and Sol 712234

Meet Eldora and Sol 712234, a Holstein Cow and Calf in Vintage Gold Charm Pinto. They have a glossy finish. This pair of Breyer cows is available to current 2017 Breyer Collector’s Club Members. They are priced at $165 + $20.50 for domestic shipping bringing the total price to $185.50. I was surprised to see this set pop up for sale tonight.  Breyer has been using many of the Breyer Animal molds for micro runs but Eldora and Sol are not a micro run. They are a run of 350 pieces. This makes me think that there will be no Breyer micro run for December. Breyer is making Eldora and Sol available exclusively to Collector’s Club members through December 6th at which time they may be offered for sale to the general public. Normally, I would say that a run of size would sell out before it ever reached the general public. However, Eldora and Sol are only exclusive to Collector’s Club members for roughly 24 hours and many people are strapped for cash with Christmas just around the corner.

We still have not seen a Breyer Silver Filigree this year and I have my doubts that we will see one. Interestingly, Breyer offered the Rosalind and Rigel Mystical Unicorn which sold out in under 2 months. Breyer never released a run size number for Rosalind and Rigel. The production runs size of Eldora and Sol makes me wonder if Rosalind and Rigel were more limited in number than past website special runs. However, they were popular molds in a beautifully executed color. I have a feeling that the unicorn set was attractive to even non Breyer collectors just as Eldora and Sol will be sought after by those that collect Breyer cattle.

Make sure you are logged into your Breyer Collector’s Club account and you can see Eldora and Sol at this link.

Here is what Breyer has to say about Eldora and Sol:

Holstein Cow and Calf in Vintage Gold Charm Pinto

Collector Club Member Exclusive Access ends Dec 6, 2017 at 11:59pm EST

Exclusively on Breyerhorses.com and offered first to Collector Club members! This sweet Holstein cow and her inquisitive calf are beautifully decorated in vintage Gold Charm pinto and finished in a delightful high gloss. Limited to just 350 pieces, Eldora and Sol are rare golden treasures!

Limit one (1) Eldora & Sol model set per Collector Club member, while supplies last.

Comes in a Breyer mail order box.

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