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Breyer Rosalind and Rigel 712235 – Mythical Unicorn Mare and Foal


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Breyer Rosalind and Rigel 712235 – Mythical Unicorn Mare and Foal

Mold: Giselle and Gilen

Scale: Traditional 1:9

Color: Pearly Decorator

Year: 2017 Website Special Run

Condition: New with Original Packaging

For sale is a Traditional Scale New In Box (NIB) Breyer Rosalind and Rigel 712235 Mythical Unicorn Mare and Foal set. This stunning set is the popular Breyer Giselle and Gilen molds which were sculpted by artist Brigitte Eberl. Both molds have been modified to have unicorn horns, Gilen’s little horn is in scale with that of a foal! They are painted as pearly cremellos and have some of the nicest dapples that I have seen on a Breyer. They have beautiful blue eyes that are more pale in color than Breyer’s typical bright blue. This is a truly beautiful set that is a must have for every Breyer collector!
Mythical Unicorn Mare & Foal!
Only the pure of heart are given the opportunity to witness the mythical Unicorn! Imagine wandering through a heavily wooded forest, the smell of moss and bark around you, sunlight streaming to the forest floor through the trees, highlighting tiny flowers in yellow, pink, and white. A babbling brook captures your attention. You look up, and there she is: Rosalind, a dreamy cremello unicorn mare, with a shimmer to her cream-colored dappled coat and an accent of gold in her singular horn. You touch her velvety muzzle in greeting, and around her side emerges Rigel, a strapping young colt with a proud expression and confident blue eyes. He’s breathtaking. Am I dreaming?
Unicorn mare measures: 7.75″H x 12.75″L
Unicorn foal measures: 7″H x 8.25″L
Comes in a Breyer mail order box.
Please note that I have multiples of this set and you may not receive the exact horses pictured. Rosalind and Rigel are in factory new condition. I will inspect for major flaws but I will not guarantee LSQ horses. Rosalind and Rigel will ship in their plain mail order box. The box will have wear and a shipping label. Please refer to the pictures for the exact condition. You will receive a brand new, opened for inspection only, Breyer Rosalind and Rigel 712235.
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 14 in

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