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Breyer 1768 Brunello Tryon Tack & The Mid Year Release Idocus

Breyer 1768 Brunello

We are very excited to be adding the Breyer 2016 Mid Year Releases to our inventory! We are not offering presales on the Mid Year Releases as we do not yet have pricing information. However, we do have a number of Mid Year Releases reserved from our distributor and we do anticipate receiving our full order. We are hoping to have the Mid Year Releases in stock in 30 days or less and they will be offered for sale here on the website first. I had grand plans of making a blog post with all of the Mid Year Releases but due to time constraints I will be spreading it out into multiple posts.

Many of you may have seen the Limited Edition Brunello with the loose mane and tail. Breyer 1768 BrunelloHe came with a green blanket. He was a special run for Tryon Tack and was limited to 400 pieces. You may have seen the high price that this version of Brunello is currently commanding.






But do not despair! The Breyer 1768 Brunello will also be a Mid Year Release. He will have a braided mane and tail and will not come with the blanket.

Breyer 1768 Brunello Breyer 1768 Brunello



Personally, I like the braided mane and tail better but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the Tryon Tack variation too.  Brunello  is the Idocus or Warmblood Stallion mold in a pretty coppery chestnut.





Breyer 1768 Brunello Breyer BrunelloHere is what Breyer has to say about Brunello:

1768 Brunello

The 1998 Hanoverian gelding, co-owned by Janet Peterson and his trainer/rider Liza Towell Boyd, has been enjoying a career that equestrian fairytales are made of. A pair since he was imported from Belgium in 2007, Brunello and Boyd have been making waves in the International Hunter Derby world with their top-placing finishes. In early 2014, Brunello was named the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s National Horse of the Year after winning the USHJA International Hunter Derby for the second time.

In August 2015, at age 17, he and Boyd won the USHJA International Hunter Derby for the third consecutive time – and by their largest margin yet! And, Brunello was again named the 2015 National Horse of the Year by the USEF. The pair has been bringing a new level of excitement to the hunter ring, where at times the audience has gone silent to watch this athletic horse take jumps with incredible scope and composure. At an age where many top competitors are considering retirement, Brunello has made it clear that his age is only measuring his years of success!

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