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Breyer 1755 Patriot Available & Mid Year Releases Coming Soon

The extended eBay sale has finally drawn to a close. Thank you to all that purchased from us and helped to clear some much needed floor space!

We have some Breyer 1755 Patriots available. They are priced at $79.99 with free Priority Mail postage anywhere in the US. We had hoped to have them priced a bit lower but there were 2 rather major things that factored into the price. Breyer 1755 PatriotThe first being that we were shorted on our Patriot order and the cost per item was higher than anticipated. The second being that Patriot ships at 3 pounds and since the postage is built into the price, it reflects a 3 pound rate. I was hoping that they would ship at 2 pounds but no such luck. And as Priority Mail (and every other shipping service available for a model of this size) goes by the pound there is no savings for unused ounces. But, if you are interested here is the link to Patriot! He is currently only available on the website.


Breyer 1755 Patriot Limited Edition – 3000 Made




Also, if you are unaware, all domestic postage is free on the website. The cost of international shipping is discounted. We do not yet have the ability to offer calculated shipping on the website. Calculated shipping is definitely something that we plan on implementing. But like everything else, there is a cost for adding calculated shipping to the website and of course there is the time that it takes to install and configure it. If you live on the east coast, the price on the website is cheaper for you than the price on eBay. If you live here on the west coast, it could be more expensive than eBay depending on the price of the horse. We do discount the actual price of the horse by a percentage to reflect the savings we receive by not paying eBay fees.

Lastly, we will be receiving all of the Breyer 2016 Mid Year Releases.Breyer 1768 Brunello Their expected arrival date is 6 weeks or less. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be sooner rather than later. It’s possible they could be here in just a couple of weeks. I will be making another blog post featuring the Mid Year releases. Keep your eyes peeled, there are some really nice horses this year.

Thanks everyone and happy *almost* end of the week!


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