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Breyer 1755 Patriot Dissappointing News

Breyer 1755 Patriot


I was so very excited to be receiving my order of the Breyer 1755 Patriot. I think he is one cool dude!


Breyer 1755 Patriot


My order was submitted and I thought it was finalized. I was ready to announce Patriot’s price for those on my wait list. As it turns out, my distributor was shorted on the number of Breyer Patriots that they received and I will not be receive my full order . I hear that this happened to a number of Breyer Dealers. I wonder what’s going on? From what I hear, this is a rather common occurrence with Breyer. My distributor is unsure if they will be receiving the remainder of their order which includes the remainder of the Patriots that I reserved as well as several others that were reserved for others.

On the upside, I do think that I will have just barely enough Patriots to cover everyone on my wait list. The bad news is that my price will be a bit more than anticipated. I was unable to get free freight shipping with the reduced number of horses shipping from my distributor. They are charging $30 to ship 1 case of 6 horses to me, yikes! This certainly adds to my cost.

Pending any other changes from my distributor, I will have the price for the Breyer 1755 Patriot finalized this week. I will send everyone on my wait list the pricing and ordering information. I won’t be able to offer the lowest price that some bigger dealers are able to offer but I hope that my good reputation, speedy shipping and safe packaging might make up for this.

Thank you all! Have a wonderful end to the week!

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