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An Accidental eBay Sale To YOUR Benefit!

I have a confession to make. I made a mistake on my most current Promotional eBay Sale and this is to *your* benefit. The Memorial Day Sale of Buy One and Get One 15% Off was a huge success! My energy level from the mass amount of packing is running quite low but I thought eh, why not run a similar sale for a couple more days? This sale is for Buy One and Get One at 10% Off. However, this is still quite a discount and can be used multiple times in a single order. The 10% Off runs from now through Wednesday, June 8th. This sale was only supposed to run for 2 days, oops! Regardless, I will honor this extended sale.

Buy One and Get One 10% Off’








As before this particular Promotional Sale was coded very poorly on eBay’s end. You absolutely must use the Add to Cart Feature to get your discount and checkout using the Shopping Cart. Using Best Offer voids the discount as does using the Request An Invoice feature (goodness knows why!). If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my blog post about ensuring that you receive your discount. The post references the 15% off opposed to the 10% off but the process and loopholes are the same. Please see the link below.





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