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Breyer Allegiance – 5th Stablemate Club Release Clearware

Breyer Allegiance – 5th Stablemate Club Release Clearware

Breyer Allegiance 712218


Allegiance is the Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club’s 5th release. He is the Rivet mold in clearware with a patriotic theme. He was inspired by the Breyer Patriot who is the Kathleen Moody American Saddlebred Stallion mold in a similar clearware color. Patriot was a 2016 Limited Edition of 3,000.

Breyer Allegiance 712218

Breyer Patriot 1755

Breyer Patriot 1755

In general, I really like Breyer’s clearwares. I also really like the Rivet who was a Generation 4 mold sculpted by Jane Lunger. But Somehow, I’m just ‘feeling’ Allegiance yet. One of Breyer’s clearwares that I really did like was 711158 Rivet who was a BreyerFest 2013 Single Day Stablemate Special Run and was a neat deco blue.

Breyer Rivet 711158

BreyerFest 2013 Rivet 711158

I also really like the current regular run Breyer Mustang 6030.

Breyer 6030 Mustang

Breyer Mustang 6030

Allegiance’s price is $15 plus the $5 Stablemate Club deposit plus $5.95 for domestic shipping which brings his total price to $25.95. Make sure you are logged into your Breyer Stablemate Club account and you can see Allegiance on Breyer’s website directly at this link.

Here is what Breyer has to say about Allegiance:

The 5th Release in the 2017 Stablemates Club

Inspired by Breyer’s popular Patriot model, Allegiance is an All-American mini! Crafted in clearware with stars on his hips and sporting our nation’s colors of blue and red, Allegiance is an American Mustang. Exclusive to the Stablemates Collector’s Club!

Complete your order by 11:59pm EDT on 10/30/17

Zahrat – Breyer Stablemates Club Second Release

Zahrat – Breyer Stablemate Club Second Release

Breyer Stablemate Club Zahrat

Breyer released the second model in the 2017 Stablemates Club. He is the G2 Rearing Arabian in a glossy dappled bay. Yum. Zahrat is available to current Stablemates Club Members for $20 + $5.95 (domestic) shipping. Here is what Breyer has to say about Zahrat:

Breyer Stablemate Club ZahratBreyer Stablemate Club ZahratThe Second Release in the 2017 Stablemates Club

Glossy and dappled, this beautiful rearing Arabian will be a lovely addition to your collection! His beautiful shading and mirror like finish bring out the details in his musculature and finely sculpted mane and tail. The spirit and energy of the Arabian breed is on full display with Zahrat!