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Copperfox Cadbury Matte CF623MS Second Quality


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Copperfox Cadbury Matte CF623MS Second Quality

Mold: Irish Sport Horse
Scale: 1:9
Color: Matte Bay
Condition: Second Quality

For sale is a Traditional Scale Copperfox Jasper Matte CF623 Second Quality. He is the Irish Sport Horse mold in a beautifully shaded matte bay. This Copperfox Jasper Matte CF623MS Second Quality is just that, a model that didn’t make the cut for a first grade Copperfox Horse. Here is what Copperfox has to say about the Copperfox Cadbury Matte Second Quality:

This model was part of the 150 piece run of Copperfox Cadbury in Matte Finish, however it did not pass our personal inspection which every model undergoes. Copperfox Seconds are offered as they are, so you have more options with what to do with them. There are multiple customization options from painting to pastelling, or even to totally transforming them, they are a canvas on which a new model can be created. Alternatively, they will happily trot onto a shelf as part of a growing model horse collection, keeping your other models company and giving new owners the opportunity to try out new things, like for example, model horse photography.

Each Copperfox Cadbury Matte Second will come with a certificate, as it was part of the original run. However, the certificate will be edited to show that it is a second model. The model will also have inscription: “CF Second 2018” on their belly to identify them.

No Copperfox Second has any major faults like missing paint, paint problems or missing body parts (!). They are just models that are not quite the same as their brothers.

Model Measurements:
36cm Long (leg to tail)
24cm High (to top of ears)
6cm Wide (at widest point)


Please note that I have multiples of this model and you may not receive the exact horse shown. The horse pictured is an example of a Copperfox second quality pony. All of the Jaspers in this listing are second quality, meaning that they likely are not live show quality. I cannot offer hand picking and will ship the Copperfox Cadbury Glossy CF623GSU Second Quality at random.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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