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Plastic Ponies Are Too High Risk For Paypal Here!



We had a frustrating saga with Paypal over obtaining a Paypal Here credit card reader for onsite transactions. Apparently, our business of selling collectible toy horses is a high risk business and makes us ineligible for a card reader. I called Paypal the first time we were denied and was told to reapply a month later. I was unable to do so and called Paypal again. They opened a support ticket and this was the response that I received:


Thanks for your application for PayPal Here. We appreciate your business – and your interest in our product.

We are unable to approve your request for PayPal Here based on our review of your PayPal account information.

Your request was carefully considered and the decision was made for the following reason:

Your business falls into a category that is high risk for PayPal. We made the business decision not to allow payments using this product for this type of service.



I replied to their email expressing my disappointment after making one final phone call and being told that I may never reapply for a Paypal Here card reader:



Can you please explain what makes our business a high risk company? We sell collectible toy horses on eBay and recently expanded to running our own web store. We are very disappointed that we will not be able to use Paypal Here to accept credit cards for our expanding business. We now have a physical presence at trade shows and need a card reader to process transactions. As Paypal will not be able to provide us with a card reader, we will be looking at different credit card processing options. Last year, we grossed $xxx through Paypal. We paid off a $xxx Paypal Working Credit Loan last year and have credit scores over xxx. Until now, we have been very happy with Paypal. However, using Paypal to process online transactions and another company to process onsite credit card transactions is not an option. As such, we will be looking to replace Paypal completely. Frankly, I’m insulted that I am approved to have a Paypal Here card reader on my own personal account but not on my business account. Both of my Paypal accounts are in perfect standing with a very long established history on my personal account. Although I have been told I may do so, I refuse to process credit cards through my personal Paypal account. I realize that as far as Paypal goes, we are a very small business but Paypal will be losing our business. We will also discourage other small businesses from using Paypal to process their payments as it is clear that our business is not important to you.



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  1. This is happening to me right now. Such a struggle. I have been an avid PayPal user for many years with my business. I chose to shut down my then-business account because I was not able to change my name. I opened up another business account to find out that apparently mowing lawns is too high risk for them. Like I said, I’ve had my business with them for about 4 years with “PP. Here” on that account. Very frustrating! How did this work out for you? Did they ever resolve it?

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