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A New Wyatt On Breyer’s Site?! Yes and No…

Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse 301153

Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse 301153


Per Breyer’s email:

One Day Only! While Supplies Last!

Offer Ends 11/29/16 at 11:59pm CST
Limit One per Order!

This dynamic palomino American Quarter Horse is launching towards a barrel racing course or perhaps he is working a calf roping event? Or even popping over a small fence on cross country or just playing in a field and showing off his speed? You decide!



Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse 301153Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse 301153I received this email from Breyer this morning and my heart skipped a beat. Could it be, that something special that we have all been waiting for from Breyer?! The featured horse is a lovely Palomino Wyatt. I clicked through to the website and something in the back of my head told me ‘wait, this horse looks familiar’. It took me until after my coffee was finished to realize that this is a rerelease of the Breyer 301153 Jesse who was 2015 Tractor Supply Company Special Run. The product number is even the same.

Breyer Palomino Quarter Horse 301153

Breyer also did this with the 2014 Mid States Special Run Breyer 701727 Brabant Cross.  This horse was later released on Breyer’s website as Breyer 701727 Brabant Mare.

I’m not fond of these rereleases but I understand why Breyer does it. I just wish they weren’t so sneaky about it! And I wonder what Tractor Supply and Mid States think about it…



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