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New Breyer Stock Has Arrived! Premier Club Shannondell & Brunello Mid Year Release

It’s hard to believe that the weekend is almost over. To say that the weekend passed in a blur would be an understatement! On Friday, our order or 163 pounds of new Breyer stock arrived 🙂 Unfortunately some of the horses were damaged but we do have plenty of new horses being listed including the highly sought after #9170 Connemara Pony from the Best of British series with the loose mane variation. Boy is he handsome!

Breyer 9170 Connemara Pony Loose Mane

Breyer 9170 Connemara Pony

The only other new Breyer that I had time to list was Valegro sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. Sadly, a number of our Valegros were damaged in shipping and we have a very limited number of them to sell.

Breyer 1756 Valegro

Breyer 1756 Valegro

We still have a number of new Breyers to list. Some of them include: 1753 Vanilla Banks, 1752 Rhapsody in Black, 1757 American Pharoah, 9180 American Pharoah Resin, 1761 Hickory Hill, 1760 Babylflo and 1720 OT Sara Moniet.

The sculptor of the new Premier Club Shannondell, Karen Gerhardt, posted some beautiful pictures of the original sculptures to her Facebook. Be sure to check them out! Shannondell Sculpture Gallery

Breyer Premier Club Shannondell

It appears that a chestnut Idocus will be made as a 2016 Mid Year Release. 500 of them will be released with blankets. His name is Brunello and he is designed after the real horse.

Breyer Brunello

If you haven’t heard, we are looking to purchase BreyerFest Tent Special Run tickets and the Celebration Horse Redemption Tickets. We are paying $35 for Tent Special Run tickets (any time slot) and $20 for the Imperador das Aguas tickets. We can pay securely with Paypal.

2016 BreyerFest Carnival

Have a great end to the weekend everyone!


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