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Holy Plushies!

When I first heard about Breyer Plushies the first word that came to mind was “CREEPY!”  I was quite frankly a little nervous to break open the bins (yes bins!) of plushy horror.  Yesterday, I forced myself to drag in six bins labeled “Plushy”.  Luckily, one of them wasn’t plushies, ha!  But do you know what I discovered?  These things are actually pretty darn cute.  Take this for example:

breyerplusheasterlot5b Breyer Plush Bucky

I’ll just make one shameless plug promoting his sale, you can click on the picture to see Bucky’s EBay listing.  You have to admit, he’s kind of cute, isn’t he?  At least a little?!  He has the neatest bendable rabbit ears, a clever carrot and those teeth…  Can you see why he is named Bucky?

I posted a bunch more plushies and assorted Valentine’s Day, Easter and left over Christmas merchandise as well.  Please take a look at all of my

breyerplusheasterlot4afestive offerings!

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