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Coeur de Lion Behind The Scenes Instagram Video Creation

Breyer Coeur de Lion 711025

My wonderful Instagram followers were a very bad influence on me today. They distracted me into making videos of various Breyer horses when I should have been working on eBay listings. Bad followers, bad! So we (yes this is a family effort!) made an Aidan’s Toy Trove YouTube video about the making of an Instagram video. And this just happens to feature my newly received Breyer Coeur de Lion. If you want to see Coeur de Lion up close, here is your chance!

But really, this was a lot of fun. It took quite a bit of trial and error but I think making Breyer product videos is doable. Is there anything that you would specifically like to see videos of? Maybe videos of the custom finish horses in my personal collection or videos of new Breyer releases? We are open to any and all ideas. That is, anything that doesn’t involve me singing…


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