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BreyerWest 2016!


We had a really fun time at BreyerWest 2016! I’m so pleased that Breyer brought the event back and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be held again next year. We left Crescent City around 3pm and arrived at our hotel in Eugene around 8pm. Actually gaining entrance to the fairgrounds early on Friday was a bit chaotic but once we got inside, the open show ran flawlessly from start to finish.


We mostly showed in the custom division which was judged by the knowledgeable Lesli Kathman. There were a lot of truly breathtaking Sarah Minkiewicz customs including (and not limited to!) the famed Sorcha and Boom! The championship table was made up of only Sarah Mink horses with I believe 1 Fraley horse. Ahhh, I could have stared and admired for them for hours.

We also showed a couple of our Original Finish Proud Arabian Mares. We brought them to a few shows before but always managed to miss their classes. This time we managed to get a few of them on the show table, LOL.


I didn’t have time to take many photos but I put the few I was able to take into the BreyerWest 2016 Photo Album on our Facebook page.

The show finished up around 6pm which was actually pretty darn good considering that it did not start until 10am. After we finished packing up all of the show horses, I ran to the Furizzy vendor booth just before it closed. I could see the Furizzy booth from my table during the show and was intrigued. They were selling a grooming / massaging tool that looked a bit like a rake. Aidan’s picked out a pretty blue Furizzy.


I saw a lot of kids walking through the show hall with Furizzys and I wondered if it might help Aidan groom our horse Baya. She is a 15.3h Andalusian mare and maneuvering a mounting block around her so that Aidan can brush her is a bit of a chore. Even I have a hard time reaching the top of her rump.


We loaded up the car and drove home Friday night. I’ll have more to add later but this as much as my frazzled brain can handle right now.


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