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Breyer Wolfgang – Third Stablemates Club Horse

Breyer Wolfgang – Third Stablemates Club Horse

Breyer Wolfgang 712216

Breyer Wolfgang 712216Breyer Wolfgang 712216Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club Wolfgang 712216

Meet Wolfgang, the third horse released in the 2017 Breyer Stablemates Club! He is the G3 Frieisan mold that was sculpted by Jane Lunger. He is painted as a very bold glossy black leopard appaloosa with striped hooves, mottling eyewhites, and it looks like he even has some mapping on some of his teeny tiny peacock spots!

Wolfgang is one flashy dude, he looks like the ultimate Friesian Sporthorse!

I will be offering my personal copy of Wolfgang for presale.

If he ends up coming here, he will likely stay in my collection 🙂

Will you be ordering Wolfgang? Will you be keeping him?

Here is what Breyer has to say about Wolfgang:

The Third Release in the 2017 Stablemates Club

Powerful, majestic, breathtaking…these are all words to describe Stablemates Collector’s Club #3, Wolfgang! Athletic, with a smart trot, Wolfgang has a symphony of bells and whistles including a lovely leopard coat, richly colored striped hooves, mottling, eyewhites, and even a few peacock spots! A high gloss finish tops off a beautiful horse we’d all love to own. Cheers!

Complete your order by 11:59pm EDT on 6/19/17

For fun, here are the other 2017 Breyer Stablemate Club Horses that have been released thus far.

The Breyer Stablemate Club Second Release was Zahrat.

Breyer 712214 Coco

The Breyer Stablemate Club First Release Was Coco.

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