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Breyer Horse Collection Tour – Well Not Quite!

Breyer Horse Collection Tour – Well Not Quite

Breyer Horse Collection Tour


Many have asked us for a Breyer Collection Tour here at Aidan’s Toy Trove! We do plan on offering a video of our personal Breyer Horse Collection. This consists almost entirely of Custom Breyer Horses, some of which are rather famous in the model horse world. Most of them are Breyer Traditional Scale Horses but there are some Classics, Paddock Pals and Stablemates! We have an assortment of Original Finish Breyers that are mostly on the Breyer Proud Arabian Mold. Our Breyer PAM conga includes some rare horses, a sampling of them includes the glossy grey appaloosa, the woodgrain, tenite stickers models, 2 test colors and a nightlight. We own a few assorted Breyer Glossy Prize models that hold sentimental value, most of which were won by myself.

Our shelves are also always full Breyers that are for sale. These shelves are constantly rotating Breyer Horses to reflect what we are currently working on listing. We plan to offer Breyer Videos of the sales horses as well.

But here’s the catcher, our home is filled with Breyer Horses from floor to ceiling. The horses are even taking over the furniture! If anyone can figure out how to breed Breyer Horses, it’s us! I swear some of them seem to magically appear and I have no recollection of where they came from.

This model horse video shows the Ikea cabinets that house my personal collection of horses. It also shows, all the ‘stuff’ that surrounds these cabinets which currently make a Breyer Collection Tour next to impossible.

We weren’t kidding when we said that our house is being overrun by Breyer Horses. If the horses ever revolt, we are in serious trouble! We hope you enjoy this not quite a Breyer Collection Tour video. Consider it a sneak peak of the *real* Breyer Collection Tour Video to come!

None of these horses are not available for sale yet and many of them are not for sale at all as they are part of my person collection. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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