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Breyer Glossy Cosette Review + YouTube Video!

Breyer Glossy Cosette Review

Breyer Glossy Cosette 711997

On December 13’th, Breyer offered a Collector’s Club Appreciation Glossy Cosette model. She was ‘free’ with a purchase of $100 or more. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to give Breyer any more of my money. But those that know me, probably won’t be surprised to hear that I caved at the last minute. I closed my eyes and handed over my credit card to Breyer to redeem my Glossy Cosette! Bad bad me.

Breyer Glossy Cosette 711997Breyer Glossy Cosette 711997My Glossy Cosette arrived a few days ago. She is quite lovely. I own the matte version (pictured below) and the gloss really makes her color pop. As with the matte Cosette and any of the more modern Classic Arabian Mares, her mold detailing is soft. Most notably, her left nostril is quite undefined. Like the matte Cosette, she came with a mail order box and a generic Breyer hang tag.

Breyer Cosette 711997

I personally love the Love molds (get it?!) and I’m happy that I added this model to my personal collection. Just before I caved, I thought to myself that I would likely hunt her down on the secondary market anyway and I love fun little events like this one. To me, it was a much better promotion than last years 1730 AQHA 75th Anniversary promotion.

If you would like to learn more about last year’s promotion or about the Glossy Cosette promotion, I linked my original blog post here.

You can also see our video review of the Breyer Glossy Cosette on our Aidan’s Toy Trove YouTube Channel. Please Like and Subscribe to support us in making future Breyer videos. We are open to new video ideas and ways to improve our videos. Thank you everyone!



Breyer Glossy CosetteBreyer Glossy Julian and SophiaGlossy Cosette OR a Glossy Julian and Sophia

Before I could finish my Glossy Cosette Review, Breyer again offered another promotion for a Glossy Cosette or a Glossy Julien and Sophia.

I took to bait and put in another order. I’m hoping for a Glossy Julian and Sophia as I already have the Glossy Cosette. I’ll be sure to make a blog post about them if I am lucky enough to receive a Glossy Julian and Sophia!



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