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Breyer Custom Legendary Model Horse Broken In Shipment

Breyer Custom Legendary Model Horse Broken In Shipment

Breyer El Oso ValerosoAidan’s Toy Trove received a legendary Breyer Custom that was broken in shipment. I hoped to make a Breyer Horse Video featuring him as one of the most amazing Breyer Customs ever. I decided to feature this video as Part 1 of a series. The next video will share how we pack fragile Breyer Custom Horses for transit to avoid the heartbreak of receiving a damaged horse.

I present to you El Oso Valeroso. He is a vintage Breyer Custom Legionario by artist Lynn Fraley. Lynn Fraley is well known in the hobby today for her amazing resin horse sculpts and sells under the studio name Laf’n Bear LLC. El Oso Valeroso was created before Artist Resins made an appearance in the hobby and is a fantastic part of hobby history. While still the basic pose of the Breyer Legionario, every part of El Oso Valeroso has been resculpted. See him compared with the original mold in this video. I dare you to find anything original about him!

The original Breyer Legionario III was sculpted as an Andalusian by Chris Hess. To me, El Oso Valeroso is has more of the traits seen in the Lusitano breed. Regardless of his exact heritage, he is a wonderful example of the Spanish Horse. El Oso Valeroso is a true piece of artwork. He is part of my personal model horse collection and is not for sale. I hope that you enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed making it!

Part 2 of the Series is available here.

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