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Breyer Custom Clydesdale by Franceyn Dare – Meet Sampson!

Breyer Custom Clydesdale by Franceyn Dare

Breyer Custom Sampson


A custom Breyer horse is an original finish model horse that has been customized in some way. This can range from a horse that has only been repainted to a Breyer that has been drastically resculpted. Here at Aidan’s Toy Trove, my personal Breyer Collection consists of these uniquely painted and resculpted Breyer model horses.

I received a brand new custom Breyer in the mail. He made his journey all the way to California from Australia! Watch us unbox this brand new Breyer for the very first time. Pay attention to how this horse was packaged, the seller did a spectacular job insuring that the horse would arrive in good shape.

Meet Sampson. He is a moderate to drastic custom on the Paddock Pal Scale Breyer Clydesdale mold mold. Some of you may remember this scale of Breyer as LittleBit. The Breyer Paddock Pal or LittleBit scale is 1:24 scale.

Sampson was customized by the very talented Franceyn Dare in late 2015. I own a number of Franceyn’s pieces and I am continually delighted with the detailing and care she puts into each of her horses. The most drastic changes to the mold include an extended left front leg and a newly sculpted mane, tail and feathers. Sampson has a lot of subtle resculpting to add detailing to the original Breyer Clydesdale mold. See if you can spot any other areas that have been resculpted!

Sampson is painted to one of my favorite colors, a bay sabino pinto! He has a lot of intricate detailing in his white markings. Look closely or you may miss them!

  • Sampson’s video Part 1 shows him being unboxed for the very first time.
  • Sampson’s video Part 2 shows him up close.

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