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Breyer Calaveras + Sugarmaple & Other News

Breyer Calaveras + Sugarmaple & Other News

Breyer Calavera 1778 2017 Halloween Horse Sugar Skulls Theme

We have had a lot of inquiries about Calaveras, the 2017 Halloween Horse. Originally, he was slated to ship from Breyer in August. August came and went and we still hadn’t received a shipment notification from Breyer. I spoke with Breyer representative who told me that the ship date on Calaveras was again pushed back. The most current date that I have for Calaveras shipping from Breyer is mid September. I apologize for the delay and truly hope that he will be shipping from us by the end of September. We are completely sold out of Calaveras. Thank you to all that ordered him.

Breyer Sugarmaple 1782 Fall 2017 Release
We are also sold out of Sugarmaple. We were only allocated 12 of this model and all of our Sugarmaples were snapped up within 24 hours of our listing them.

Breyer Markus 1781

Many of you have asked about Markus, the Brick and Mortar special run on the new Shannondell mold. We will be receiving Markus but he cannot be sold online. We will have him available in our retail store.
As of today, Calaveras, Sugarmaple and Markus are all due to be shipped from Breyer in September. If you ordered one of these models with any other horses, your other horses are being held for shipment until the Fall (or Halloween!) releases are in stock.

Breyer Winter Wonderland

We placed our order for the Breyer Christmas Horse Winter Wonderland in too late to be guaranteed. We are wait listed for him and are not accepting any presales for Winter Wonderland.

Breyer Collection

We have been very very busy here. We have a lot of horses that need to be listed including some retired Copperfox Horses. We will only have Toby available for in person sale and will not be ordering Rupert unless someone specifically requests him. We anticipate having Toby available for sale at BreyerWest. We also recently acquired 2 collections of Breyer Horses. One was around 200 horses and the other was a small collection of 23 horses. We have a handful of new custom Breyer Steampunk Horses by Elayne Watrus to photograph and list as well.

Breyer Collection
That’s it for now. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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