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Breyer 2018 Mid Year Releases

Breyer 2018 Mid Year Releases

Here are the Breyer 2018 Mid Year Releases. I will try to write a separate blog post about each but these pictures should be enough to wet any Breyer collector’s appetite! The mini Alborozo has caused quite a stir and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t up our order so that I can have a chance at him too. We will not have Prism or Nevermore, sorry! The others will be available for preorder shortly including the Stablemate Mystery Surprise Unicorns as both singles and as a complete box. On to the eye candy, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them 🙂

Breyer Prism 1801

Breyer Nevermore 1800

Breyer LV Integrity 1797Breyer LV Integrity 1797

Breyer Harley 1805Breyer Harley 1805

Breyer King 1803Breyer King 1803

Breyer Sergeant Reckless 1493Breyer Sergeant Reckless 1493

Breyer Aurora 62059Breyer Aurora 62059

Breyer Stablemates Mystery Unicorn SurpriseBreyer Stablemate Mystery Unicorn Surprise

Spirit Blind Bags Series 2Breyer Spirit Blind Bag Series 2

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