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Behind The Scenes – Breyer Horse Binning

Behind The Scenes – Breyer Horse Binning

Breyer Horse Binning


Aidan’s Toy Trove purchases entire Breyer Collections. Typically, we prefer to purchase horses in bulk lots anywhere in 50 to 2,500 horses in size. We mostly deal in Breyer Horses that are Traditional in size but will also purchase Classics, LittleBits and Stablemates if they come in a group with the full size horses. We will also purchase the occasional lot of Peter Stones, customs or even Artist Resins.

These horses are inventoried, photographed, conditioned and listed. They are also wrapped and binned until they are sold. This video shows how we store our loose Breyer Horses who are later moved to shelves in the garage. They are each stored in number bins and this bin number is recorded on our inventory spreadsheet.

Typically, we list sales horses straight to eBay. If you see something that you would be interested in purchasing, I strongly suggest checking our eBay store to see if it is for sale:

If you have a model horse collection to sell, please feel free to contact us by email aidanstoytrove@gmail.com

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