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Are Those Ponies On My Porch?

October was a whirlwind month here at Aidan’s Toy Trove. Aidan has been active in after school activities and I feel more than a little like a chaffeur. I purchased another collection of approximately 900 Breyers. They have been shipping in 18 x 18 x 24 inch boxes and arriving in batches of approximately a dozen boxes.


The little local post office here has been overwhelmed with the mountain of boxes to deliver but they have been terrific about getting them to me. I do believe that there are only 2 more batches of boxes still coming. 1 batch is due to arrive this coming week and the other has yet to ship. We ended up renting a storage unit to accommodate the horses and have been doing a lot of sorting to shuffling to keep the new in box inventory here at the house. Crescent City is on the ocean and the weather is extremely humid. We run a dehumidifier both in the house and in the garage to keep the boxes from turning to mush. This isn’t an option for the storage unit and presents a new challenge to us, especially with the rainy season setting in.

This is a very nice Breyer collection and here is a bit of what I unpacked and cleaned today:


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  1. WOW, you have been a busy lady, and family. Glad business is brisk. I’m guessing everyone at the post office knows you on a first name basis by now. I love you and miss you. And I am very proud of you. Love, Mom

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