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2017 Breyers Are In Stock – New Videos – BreyerWest

2017 Breyers Are In Stock – New Videos – BreyerWest

2017 Breyer Horses Shipping Now

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the weekend! Yesterday was a very busy and chaotic day. Our shipment of 2017 Breyer Horses arrived! 2017 Breyers2017 Breyers

There were three pallets weighing over 750 pounds and they arrived in the pouring rain, argh. Aidan was delighted with watching the big semi truck pull up and load the pallets onto the lift gate. Forget the ponies ma, there’s a TRUCK!

It was quite the chore pulling all of the boxes off of the pallets and moving them in out of the rain. We then did a quick visual inspection for damage (and there was some, sigh.) We sorted out what we are keeping here at the house and what needed to be moved to storage. It took 2 large SUV loads to move the extra cases of horses to storage.  There is still more that needs to be moved but it is less urgent now that we have use of our porch and more importantly, our front door!

2017 Breyers

This was an unusually large order for us as we will be vending at BreyerWest 2017 and wanted to have plenty of stock on hand. If you will be attending the Northwest Horse and Fair Expo in March, please stop by our booth and say hi! We will have some special Breyer prices just for BreyerWest!

We are starting to ship our 2017 Breyer Presales today and any stragglers will be shipped on Monday. I haven’t had the chance to update the listings on the website but all of the 2017 Breyer Horses that are listed are now in stock and ready to ship. Woohoo!

On another note, we have added quite a few videos to our Aidan’s Toy Trove Mail Call YouTube Video Series. The most recent video was posted today and we are nearing 100 total Breyer videos, yowsers!

Thank you everyone for your continued support. We appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend!


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