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Peter Stone Custom Steampunk Thoroughbred by Elayne Watrus


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Peter Stone Custom Steampunk Thoroughbred by Elayne Watrus with Base

Peter Stone Custom Steampunk Thoroughbred by Elayne Watrus
Mold : Thoroughbred
Scale : Traditional 1:9
Color : Steampunk Decorator
Year : 2017
Condition : Excellent

This horse sculpture started life as a Traditional Scale 1:9 Peter Stone Thoroughbred. He was customized to a one of a kind Steampunk Horse by Elayne Watrus. Elayne kept with the regal walking pose of the original mold. This unique horse sculpture is completely covered clay and is decorated with a variety of patterns and intricate carvings. He has a spectacular assortment of real vintage gears, nuts and bolts. The Steampunk Thoroughbred has a lovely flowing wire mane a tail which has been adorned with a blend of metal fixings and gemstones. He is painted a beautiful blend of brown ranging from light to dark. Elayne has successfully marketed her clay creations for many years and her expertise with the medium are immediately apparent. He comes with a beautifully finished wood base, also created by Elayne’s talented hands. I did not screw the horse onto the base for the pictures but he stands more securely when fastened to the base. He is removable and will be shipped unattached for safe transportation.

Elayne specifically created this horse with the model horse shower in mind. I consider this horse to be LSQ. I own a Steampunk Horse that was made by Elayne Watrus and who won 1st place in tough competition at the BreyerFest 2017 Open Show. The Peter Stone Custom Steampunk Thoroughbred by Elayne Watrus is brand new and unshown. He is in excellent condition. Please refer to the pictures for the exact condition. You will receive this exact Peter Stone Custom Steampunk Thoroughbred by Elayne Watrus. As with all of Elayne’s horses, he comes with a lifetime of free repairs.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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