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Breyer Custom Wixom by Sue Kern


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Breyer Custom Wixom by Sue Kern

Mold :  Wixom

Scale :  Traditional  1:9

Color :  Chestnut Pinto

Year : ?

Condition :  Good

For sale is a Traditional Scale Breyer Custom Wixom by Sue Kern. A lot of repositioning and resculpting went into this piece. She is painted to a lovely chestnut pinto with a flaxen mane and tail. Sue Kern really knocked it out of the park! with this horse. I purchased this piece in damaged condition with the intention of having her fixed. Alas, that never came to be. Sue Kern does excellent repair work (on both her horses and on others) and I’m sure that she could fix this horse right up. Currently, this horse is in shelf condition and is photo show quality only. Some of the places where the putty meets the plastic is slightly raised but not cracked. Her forelock was broken and repaired well enough to be displayed but would need better restoration to be live show quality. Part of the sculpted on shoe on her right hind hoof is missing but this isn’t really visible when she is standing. It looks as if she originally had a removable peg for her front right hoof. This is missing but could be easily replaced. She stands without the peg. If you are looking for a fantastic shelf piece or have the patience to have this horse restored, this is the horse for you! I am willing to ship direct to Sue Kern for repairs (to be arranged by her new owner) if desired.


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Weight 7 lbs

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