Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Open Enrollment

Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Open Enrollment

Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club


Yup, it’s that time of year again! Time to pay all the new Breyer membership dues! Today is the first day to join the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club! Next year’s models will be packaged in tiny boxes.  Hobbyists have been producing tiny boxes like this for years and Breyer has finally decided to follow in their footsteps and offer official Breyer boxes for the Stablemate Club models!

Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club

I adore the boxes but I’m a bit nervous about potential box rubs. I very much liked the little satin bags that the past year’s Breyer Stablemate Club models have come packaged in. The bags worked wonderfully for storage and there was no chance of paint rubs caused by the packaging. The first Stablemate Club model of 2018 will be Kohana. He is the G3 Mustang mold which was sculpted by Jane Lunger. He is painted as a flashy bay roan pinto with mapped markings and Indian feathers in his mane. His color was designed by Australian artist Franceyn Dare whom I own several Breyer Customs Stablemates by. To my knowledge, Kohana is the first Breyer model that Franceyn has designed. How exciting!

Breyer Custom Stablemate by Franceyn Dare

I am in love with the new Mini Brishen mold. He truly looks to be a miniaturized version of the Traditional Scale Gypsy Vanner which was sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Breyer Gypsy Vanner 1497

Breyer 1497 Gyspsy Vanner

The cost to join the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club is $30 and must be joined by December 31st, 2017. There will be six Stablemates released with one of them being the Gambler’s Choice Model. The Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club was Fylkir. I received the bay pinto.

Breyer Fylkir 712217

The new sculpt for the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club will be an Arabian by Tabitha Pack. The $30 deposit will be applied towards each model which brings the price for each horse to $15 + shipping and handling. You must purchase every model or you will lose your spot in the Stablemate Club.

Here is a picture of all of the Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club horses.

Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club

Here is what Breyer has to say about the 2018 Stablemate Club:

Good things come in small packages!
The 2018 Stablemates Collector’s Club begins with Kohana, a stunning bay roan Mustang! Designed by talented Australian customizer Franceyn Dare, Kohana has MAPPED overo pinto markings and Indian feathers in his mane!

The Club will have six releases, one every other month, and will include a Gambler’s Choice (you’ll receive one of four colors, randomly selected), a mini me Gypsy Vanner, and a brand new Arabian sculpture by Tabitha Pack!

In addition to the great models, members will also receive insider information, and the opportunity to enter a raffle for a unique Stablemates collectible!

Join by 11:59pm EST, 12/31/17!
Terms and Conditions
Each model is only $20, and is shipped to your home in a mini window gift box. To join, you must have a valid Collector Club membership purchased on or after April 1, 2017, or a 2018 Collector Club membership and sign up by December 31, 2017 with a non-refundable deposit of $30. We’ll deduct $5 from each model when it ships, so you pay $15 per model (plus S&H). This program is a continuity club which means you are obligated to purchase all six models.

First Shipment for US members is in February 2018, with subsequent shipments every other month. You must purchase an international club membership if you are shipping outside the US.

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy For Collector’s Club Members

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy For Collector’s Club Members

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy

Breyer is once again offering a Test Run available exclusively to Collector’s Club members. He is the Roy the Belgian mold in a rather interesting Bay Roan color. Current members may enter once a day up until November 10th, 2017.

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy

The winner may purchase the Breyer Test Run Bay Roan Roy for $650. He will come with a COA and postage is included in the cost.

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy

This fellow isn’t a personal favorite of mine and I will not be entering for the chance to purchase him. I also did not enter for the chance to purchase the last Test Color Quarter Horse Gelding. This is very good news for my pocket book! Will you be entering for the chance to purchase the Breyer Test Run Bay Roan Roy?

Breyer Test Bay Roan Roy

Make sure you are logged into your Collector’s Club and you can see the Test Bay Roan Roy at this link.

Here is what Breyer has to say about the Test Bay Roan Roy:

Exclusively for Breyer
Collector Club members!

Exclusively for Breyer Collector Club members!  Breyer test run models are initial decos painted up to see how a particular color might look on a particular sculpture.  Or, they may be created to test out a painting technique or new colorway.  Not all test run models are used, and they may vary over time as different painting techniques are developed and tested.  Test run models are sold as is, with several photos and descriptions of any wear.  We’ve decided not to attempt to touch up older test runs as we’ve found that this can alter their character and uniqueness.  Each model has a fixed price and interested members enter a random draw for the ability to purchase the test piece.  We enjoy sharing these special pieces with you and hope you enjoy them!

We have a lot of roan horses in our archive!  They are a fun color to test, and there are also many techniques to achieve roan so we’ve had lots of variations over the years.  Old Roy was an early test run, probably from 2000.  He’s seen better days, but we cannot bear to send him out to pasture!  His blaze and four socks, done with masking tape, give him character, and his bay roan shading and big dark hooves add so much character.  But he does have wear.  He has rubs on eartips, hooves, right knee, left barrel, and inside the left hind leg.  There are a few shiny marks and a few colored rubs from being too close to another model at one point in time.  He has stress marks on his face seam and it’s a little rough there too.  But we still love him and hope he finds a home, because he’s actually quite adorable – look at that face!!

Roy is priced at $650 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 1 piece is available for purchase.

BreyerFest 2018 Celebration Horse Is Brass Hat

BreyerFest 2018 Celebration Horse Is Brass Hat


Brass Hat

The BreyerFest 2018 theme is Off to the Races. The BreyerFest 2018 Celebration Horse is Brass Hat! He is the Carrick mold in a beautiful copper bay. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Carrick mold but the color is beautiful on this one. The current release on the Carrick mold is Cortes C.

Breyer Cortes C 1759 Show Jumper

Breyer 1759 Cortes C


Breyer Rosalind and Rigel Unicorns!

Breyer Rosalind and Rigel Unicorns!

Breyer Rosalind and Rigel 712235

Today has been a great day for Breyers and a bad day for the pocket book! First, Breyer released the final 2017 Premier Club set, Carina and Selene. I’m head over heels for Carina and Selene and guess what?! Rosalind and Rigel are must haves for me as well. Rosalind and Rigel are on the Giselle and Gilen mold which were sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. Not only are they wonderful molds but they have been modified to be unicorns! Their color is a pearly looking cremello with lovely looking dapples. Way to go Breyer! Rosalind and Rigel are Breyer website exclusives. Currently, they are available to purchase to current Breyer Collector’s Club Members only. On November 6th, the set will be released to the general public direct from Breyer’s website. Like other website special runs, this set does not ship with a retail box but rather a plain cardboard shipping carton. Rosalind and Rigel are priced at $75 plus $14.50 domestic shipping. The Breyer Collector’s Club Code CLUBPLUS17 takes 10% off which brings their price down to $67.50 + $14.50 shipping. I will be ordering Rosalind and Rigel along with my Carina and Selene. The cost of just shipping the 2 together is $23.50 Ouch!

Make sure you are logged into your Breyer Collector’s Club and you can see Rosalind and Rigel at this link.

Historically, Breyer’s website special run unicorns have been Classics scale.

Breyer Glitter and Gem

The Breyer website special run mare and foal sets have also had blankets in previous years. I find it interesting that Rosalind and Rigel do not have blankets but perhaps their unicorn magic keeps them nice and warm!

Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184

Breyer Crystal and Crispin

Breyer Eve and Claus 712165

Breyer Eve and Claus

Here is what Breyer has to say about Rosalind and Rigel:

Mythical Unicorn Mare & Foal! Club Members get Early Access!

Collectors Get Early Access!
Only the pure of heart are given the opportunity to witness the mythical Unicorn! Imagine wandering through a heavily wooded forest, the smell of moss and bark around you, sunlight streaming to the forest floor through the trees, highlighting tiny flowers in yellow, pink, and white. A babbling brook captures your attention. You look up, and there she is: Rosalind, a dreamy cremello unicorn mare, with a shimmer to her cream-colored dappled coat and an accent of gold in her singular horn. You touch her velvety muzzle in greeting, and around her side emerges Rigel, a strapping young colt with a proud expression and confident blue eyes. He’s breathtaking. Am I dreaming?

Before you wake up, we’re offering Collector Club members the first chance to purchase this darling duo. For a limited time, you will have access to this set before we release it to all of our web customers.

*Early access ends 11:59pm EST on 11/5/2017. While supplies last.

Carina and Selene Breyer Premier Club Historical Lipizzaners

Carina and Selene Breyer Premier Club Historical Lipizzaners

Breyer Carina and Selene 90186


The Breyer Carina and Selene 90186 are the final models for 2017 Premier Club members. The Premier Club Stablemate will ship after this set but Carina and Selene are the last of the 2017 Club models to purchase. They are brand new sculpts by Brigitte Eberl and portray historical Lipizzaners which came in a wide array of colors including appaloosa! Their stunning paint job was designed by artist Kimberly Bleecker of Total Equine Image. Carina and Selene cost $141.66 ($175 including the deposit paid to join the Premier Club) plus $17.50 for domestic shipping and handling.

After the rather disappointing quality on Duende, I’m very hopeful that Breyer stepped up the quality control on this lovely mare and foal pair! Please keep in mind that these photos are of the prototype resins that were handpainted by Kimberly Bleecker. These are not photos of the horses in plastic with a Breyer factory paint job.

If you are a member of the Breyer 2017 Premier Club, make sure you are logged into your account and you can purchase Carnia and Selene at this link.

Breyer Carina and Selene 90186

Here is what Breyer has to say about Carina and Selene:

The Third Release in the 2017 Premier Collection

Introducing Carina & Selene! The Third Release in the 2017 Premier Club. Carina & Selene’s coats were inspired by the variety of colors Lipizzaners displayed early in the breed’s history. Appaloosa, piebald, shades of bay, and palominos are seen in historical works of art depicting Lipizzaners, such as the paintings of 18th century artist Johann Georg de Hamilton. Carina has a flaxen liver chestnut semi-leopard appaloosa coat, and her filly, Selene, has a bay blanket appaloosa coat. Both feature rich shading and detailed eyes. Their sculptures embody the power, awareness, and carriage inherent to the Lipizzaner breed. Each model is painted by hand, making each a unique work of art to be cherished for generations.
This Premier Collection exclusive release was sculpted by Brigitte Eberl and represents a proud, dynamic mare and her noble filly. This mare and foal set has all the expression and detail you’ve come to love from Brigitte, who also sculpted Breyer’s Valegro, Totilas, GG Valentine & Heartbreaker, and more! Their loud spotted coats were designed by talented artist Kimberly Bleecker and represent those colorful early Lipizzaners!

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