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eBay Fall 2017 Update – Cause To Close Up Shop

eBay Fall 2017 Update – Cause To Close Up Shop

eBay Watermark Ban


We have paid for and run a successful eBay Store for several years. Each year, eBay has progressively made things more difficult for sellers. Some examples include:

  • Accepting a return and paying shipping both directions and refunding in full even if you receive an empty box
  • An automatic win for buyers who file a Significantly Not as Described case with no photographic or other proof required
  • Forcing a 24 hour handling AND scan time for Top Rated Sellers (the seller is at fault if USPS fails to scan on the day the package is shipped even if the package is scanned as delivered on time)
  • Pushing for sellers to offer a Guaranteed Delivery Date in return for better listing visibility (seller must offer 24 hour handling and is responsible for refunding shipping or the cost of the item if the package is not scanned within the 24 hour window)

The eBay Fall 2017 Update broke the last straw for us. The deal breaker being the ban of watermarked images and forcing all sellers to allow eBay to use any pictures uploaded for eBay’s use in advertising as well as for other seller’s listings. We could deal with reverting to stock images for new Breyers. However, allowing other sellers to use our unwatermarked photos for retired and unique Breyer horses is unacceptable to us. We describe the condition down to the smallest flaws and take great care to provide clear and accurate photos. I spend over 20 hours a week editing photos and refuse to let others use the photos without at least a watermark to denote that the picture was taken by us. This would also allow sellers with a model in lesser condition to use our photos to represent their model horse. Nor do I have time to ‘remove’ watermarks. Once our watermark is in place, it’s permanent. I can’t just erase it. The eBay community has been hinting at the ban of watermarked images for the past year. I called and spoke with eBay about the issue several times prior to the official announcement and was assured that the watermark ban would not and could not happen as it would infringe on intellectual property. eBay plans to roll out the picture watermark ban in March of 2018. We plan to shut down our eBay Store prior to this date.

For any of you that sell on eBay, be aware that as of March 2018 eBay will own all rights to your photos and you may not mark them as your own in any way. Yes artists, this rule applies to you!

On the upside, were in desperate need of a website overhaul and this gives us the perfect reason to do finally do it. We will migrate all of our eBay listings over to out website prior to March 2018.

4 Responses to eBay Fall 2017 Update – Cause To Close Up Shop

  1. There’s also the new rule that if you have an item cross-posted, cancel it if you sell off eBay, they will still charge the final value fee. eBay is so greedy and their fees are way out of hand. It used to be 5.3% to list, now with Paypal, shipping fees, final value fees, listing fees and store subscription fees it causes you to have to raise your prices just to break even.

  2. I guess it was bound to happen, and people will conform because what other option do they have? eBay purchases websites of competing companies before they can be a “real” threat to them. There is Etsy – which isn’t as popular and doesn’t get as much traffic – and Amazon in case your needing other options.

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